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Tyghe is a Hip hop artist currently out of Louisiana according to his Facebook. He has multiple songs uploaded to his SoundCloud (ALIVE). I did a review on his song ‘ALIVE’. That is the most recent song on his profile, and I thought it would be a good one to do.  Continue reading “Tyghe | ALIVE”


Heesun Lee | All Out feat. Ted Smith

Artist: Heesun Lee

Song: All Out

Heesun Lee goes hard

I’m not sure how I am JUST NOW finding out about her. I read a little bit of her bio and saw that she struggled with identity. Well, I think she found it in Christ and hip hop for sure!!

Her song, All Out, starts and you just know it is about to go hard. The beat, itself, is real nice. It’s a little different than you usually hear, but she isn’t your typical artist.

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Heesun is a dope artist. She has a very aggressive style that is portrayed front and center on this song. Her flow pattern is fast and aggressive.

The hook gets you moving as well. It tells you what she’s all about. It explains and sums up the song. It is everything it should be.

It is hard to review a song that speaks for itself. With that said, go have a listen.


href=”https://open.spotify.com/track/2RSWzb0crPtxHk3g4ArU61?si=gDxn0CGY”>Heesun Lee | All Out

Kingdom Hip Hop’s Featured Song

Doctrinn | I Can’t Breathe feat. Ver’Na



Featuring: Ver’Na

Song: I Can’t Breathe (coming September 11, 2017)

Doctrinn stays relevant in the music industry. He hosts radio shows, creates flyer, videos, and many more talents. He has an ever changing sound that you will hear on Monday, September 11.

New song by Doctrinn featuring Ver’Na. Doctrinn does something new with this one and, I have to admit, I like it. He equips a new flow pattern mixed with a slightly new style. For what this song needed, it went perfect.

The song itself starts off with some piano (I’m a sucker for any song that starts off this way) and I was instantly hooked in.

The first verse is nice with some typical wordplay and this new style thrown in. But the second verse is the one that blew me away.

I could listen to his second verse over and over. There is something to it that keeps me glued to listening. I can’t rave enough about it. When you hear it, you will have the same feeling. I’ve listened to it MULTIPLE times and can put that 45 seconds on replay!

Ver’Na is on the hook and she, basically, nails it. She is a very talented singer and, from what I’ve heard of her, can do a lot with her voice.

The only pet peeve I have with it is that it feels repetitive towards the end. That does not take anything away from the song or the singer though.

Overall, this song feels like a genuine, heartfelt love letter to God.

Outside of Christ, we realize that we can offer nothing. In Him, we can do all things.

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Adam Prodigal Son | You Gon Win! feat. Cmusiq

Artist: Adam Prodigal Son

Song: You Gon Win

Cmusiq starts this song off with a nice hook. He comes in with a smooth voice. The hook is very familiar sounding, making it easy to remember. I haven’t heard anything else from Cmusiq, but sounds like he is very talented.

I saw that this song was shared by the Trackstarz.

Prodigal Son comes in with the verse and has a nice flow. Seems to come natural to him. He throws in some metaphors and thought out lyrics. Same goes with the second verse.

Adam Prodigal Son said, This song encourages people to realize that God doesn’t call you by your sin but by your name!!

Overall, this is a good song with a good message. The hook tells us what the song is talking about and the verses do a good job supporting that.

The Bible tells us there is no condemnation in Jesus. That means, when we make mistakes we don’t have to hang our head. We can go to Jesus in repentance and be forgiven. He will not condemn us if we do that. His sacrifice was enough.

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Adam Yung | About You feat. U.K.

Artist: Adam Yung

Song: About You

Adam Yung is a talented artist, both, rapping and singing. This man has a genuine heart for God and people. There is another song that we wrote about that he featured on titled, All That I Know.

This is one of those songs that just make you happy as soon as the music starts. Somewhat of an old school mixed with new school feel.

U.K. is a talented singer and helped bring the song together with her hook that she sings beautifully.

Adam Yung’s verses are essentially a love letter to Jesus. He doesn’t disguise this as a generic poem to a random girl, or maybe God(?) as some bands and artists are known to do.

I love the wordplay that he uses throughout the song. Especially the first part of the first verse.

He is a talented artist and will have some dexterity in the CHH genre and music in general.

It’s always good to hear a song that tells God how much we love him. One day, we’ll be singing with the angels.

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weAreHuman | We Are One

Artist: weAreHuman

Song: We Are One

Go checkout weAreHuman’s Facebook page. They seem like a fun group. I saw a couple giveaways and different things. They are worth giving a “like” to and keeping up to date.

Short instrumental for an intro and then, the fun begins.

I was pretty impressed with the first artist. She is doing a great job. The pattern and voice of hers works perfect for this song. I’ve had to rewind and listen again, because it sounds so good! I wish Spotify had a 10 second rewind button! The song is great, but this is definitely my favorite part.

Next up is a nice little rap. Good lyrics, on beat, and stays entertaining throughout.

The chorus is put together very well and clear. It’s definitely easy to sing back live for the audience.

weAreHuman said this for their inspiration for the song,

We wrote this song because in this era it is important to realize that we are one. When we harm someone, we harm ourself. When we love someone, we love ourself.

Overall, this is one of the best mixed songs I’ve reviewed. That isn’t to take away, because I had some REALLY good songs reviewed prior to this one. I’m just really impressed with it. Good job to weAreHuman.

This song is fitting. We need to get back to the idea that we were ALL created in the image of God. Everyone is unique, but at the end of the day we are the one body and Christ is the head.

Kingdom Hip Hop’s Featured Song:

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