Joshua Scales | Overture

Here is Joshua Scales with his song, Overture. I have seen his name quite a few times. I know he plays out at the Christian event SOS. He is from Dayton, OH and as a side note, you can find his music on iTunes. Continue reading “Joshua Scales | Overture”


G.F.L.S | Wishy Washy

G.F.L.S are God’s Front Line Souljahs. They get their name from “serving in the army of the Lord”. Wishy Washy is a song that they released in February of this year. Most of their songs that I have heard are, typically, upbeat, positive, and done well. This one is no exception. Continue reading “G.F.L.S | Wishy Washy”

Genesis | Covered By The Blood

This song, Covered By The Blood, by Genesis is catchy. I’m hoping it goes on iTunes or Spotify soon so I can save it to a playlist. You can check her out on Facebook at Sanctified Muzic

Genesis is a CHH artist out of Texas. I have already reviewed a couple artists out of Texas and I think there’s a lot of talent out there holding it down for Christ. Genesis is no exception. Between wordplay and delivery, she kills this track. Let’s get to it.  Continue reading “Genesis | Covered By The Blood”

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