5 Tips on…Best Merch To Sell

After doing some reviewing, I’ve come up with a short list (five items, go figure) of the best merchandise to sell at events, online, and other places. There’s definitely more to choose from, but here are my 5 tips of the best merch to sell. Continue reading “5 Tips on…Best Merch To Sell”


5 Tips | Increasing Your Fanbase

I find myself constantly asking…myself…, “how can I increase the amount of fans I have?”.

I don’t have thousands of fans, but I do have tips to get some. If you apply these, you should be able to benefit. Here you go, 5 Tips…

1. Know who you are

Everyone has something unique about them. That’s a great way that we’ve been created. If you were to look at all of the Continue reading “5 Tips | Increasing Your Fanbase”

5 Tips | On Not Wasting Your Money

Most people that have money worked really hard to get it. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, or gig to gig. Why would you want to waste money on things that won’t truly further you as an artist? If there is a way to save, do it. If you have to spend, spend it. Hopefully… these 5 Tips will help.

1. Don’t pay for something you can do yourself

There are a lot of times that I see people paying for everything they need done. Sometimes you HAVE to, but other times you are being lazy. For example, I have seen people pay other people to hand out flyers. That’s fine in theory, but if you are paying them to do a simple task like that, you BETTER be doing something else. Most of the time, people just don’t want to do the walking. Just the talking. If you can do it, or learn to do it, then you need to do it. Save your hard earned money for better things.

2. Don’t pay for likes, views, or followers

A question I constantly ask myself is, “why do people pay for likes?”. When you pay for that stuff, they, 99% of the time, aren’t real people. That’s means those 1,000 new followers you have won’t; 1. buy music 2. share your page 3. engage with you on social media 4. wont go to any shows…the list goes on. Paying for “fans” is a waste of time and money. It looks bad having a following count of over 1,000 and only having 2-3 people engaging online.

3. Make a plan/route while you tour

I know some people that tour state to state. Some do a lot of small shows, while other do a couple big shows. I also witnessed them traveling east a few hours, back west, and then back north east area. That a lot of wasted drive time. Sometimes, you can’t avoid the dates and times of shows, but I do know artists that plan their routes according to their schedule. The more driving you save, the more time you save, and the more money you save.

I love it when a plan comes together

4. You have to negotiate

When you are asked to do a show, it does not hurt, or look bad, to try to negotiate a price point that makes everyone happy. Some artists and musicians get walked on by venues, because they don’t know how to ask for more money. Do your research. Everywhere is different. You may be missing out on extra money in your pockets.

5. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

This last tip could seem cheap. Could feel like a stretch to get a fifth tip, but it isn’t. If you go out and give 100% of yourself to your passion, nothing you do will be a waste. Be professional, be responsible, and be you. Do this and combine the other tips. Then, you will be a step closer to the success you are looking for

5 Tips On Submitting Music To Radio Stations

Every artists dream is to get on the radio. Any radio. AM radio, Internet radio, and FM radio. The question is, how do you submit your music? That’s easy, go to their website. The hard part is the best way to submit your newest single. 

Here you go…5 Tips On Submitting Music To Radio Stations. 

1. Follow The Submission Guidelines!

Artists don’t like to fully read the rules. There’s been many people that miss out on opportunities only because they didn’t submit something correctly. That goes for music, jobs, and many other things. Most places don’t have a hundred guidelines, but you need to follow the few that they do have. 

2. Submit Music Worth Listening To

It is very easy to get caught up in your work and get a “big head” about how great you are. When I was 18, I recorded some music and thought it was the greatest thing I’ve listened to. Years later, it sounds like a train wreck! Ugh, why didn’t I have people tell me to NOT SHARE that junk Music to Facebook and radio stations. 

If you submit something or are just sharing your music in general, make sure it is your best work. 

3. Get In The Know

When it comes to almost everything you do in life it is WHO you know, not WHAT you know. You have some talent, maybe even a lot of talent, but that is all wasted if you aren’t trying to connect with people. Music people. If you’re at a show find the bookers, find the dj, and look to the other artists. Don’t avoid these people. They can help you or hurt you. Let them help you get on a radio show. 

4. Be A Real Person

To exaggerate a little bit, there’s nothing I dislike more than someone that talks to me like their a robot. I get messages all the time with the “copy/paste” message of, “hey bro, check out this song <insert link here>”. I can guarantee you that I’ve never listened to any of those songs. 

We do take submitted music, follow guidelines, and we also will listen to music that is emailed/messaged as well. I don’t mind the “check my song out message” if it is proceeded or  preceded by what seems to be a genuine human. I know radios, labels, and fans feel the same way!

5. Know Who the Radio Station Represents 

Not all radio stations are created the same. As we all know, some do hip hop, some do country, others might play a mix. You have to know who your submitting your music to. I wouldn’t submit my gospel rap to a station that only plays bluegrass. Some radio stations feel like there’s only two types of music, country and western. Do you think they’ll listen to your metal album? Know the current content of that station or show and you’ll be more likely to get on. 

As an artist, I know we want to be heard. I know the passion and trust it takes to put your creativity, thoughts, and feelings out there for people to hear. Following these guidelines, I hope you will have success submitting music to radio station and radio shows. These also work for blogs, like mine! Be who you are called to be and you will find success.  

5 Tips On Where To Promote Music Online

With SoundCloud potentially going out of business, artists are going to need a new place to promote music. It was once one of the best places to put your music on. The growing question is where else can I put my projects on? 

There’s plenty of other websites/apps, but here are 5 Tips On Where To Promote Music Online

1. Your Own Website

As stated in earlier articles, you have got to drive people to your personal website. That’s where you can sell music, clothes, and other merch (merchandise). Everything needs to link back to your website whenever possible. If you are serious about your music and brand, you will have a website 

2. Bandcamp

You can make a Bandcamp page and have what seems like the best of both worlds. You can have the free streaming through Bandcamp, which also offers an app. You can also sell your music through the app/website and have the ability to control the price. It also gives you the ability to have your fans pick a price, which usually generates more income for you. 

3. Audiomack

Audiomack is like a SoundCloud version 2. To me, it is still new, but it’s been around for a little while. A cool feature on it that differs from SoundCloud is a “what’s trending” page. That makes it easier to find new music and to be found. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest making an account. 

4. Rapzilla

Rapzilla, rightfully, claims to be the #1 source for Christian rap music (for now). They are a good site to submit your music to. They have a lot of followers on the website and social media, so if they post your music, it will be heard. 

5. Trackstarz

Trackstarz are making some moves in the Christian music industry. They have their own radio show, website for submissions and many other things. Go here to follow their radio show. 

These are just some quick tips on where to promote your music online. I would suggest looking further into then through their websites. All five tips are great for artists at any level. 

Thanks for reading please share this. 

5 Tips On How To Promote Your Music

Do you have a passion for others to hear your music? Do you have songs or an album just sitting on SoundCloud with only a few plays? A lot of artists have the same exact problem.

Music promotion isn’t tagging 100 of your Facebook friends in a post with a SoundCloud link. Music promotion is putting your music out there and giving fans, and non fans, a reason to listen.

Without further ado, here’s five quick tips on music promo.

1. Get A Website

If you do not already have a website, you need to get one. You can get a free one from Wix or Weebly. People will want to know who you are and what you stand for. A website is good for that. Plus, you can sell music through your website and not pay iTunes 30% of what you sell.

2. Engage With Your Fans

I went over this a little bit in another article, “5 Tips To Keep Your Existing Fans and Gain New Ones“. Let your fans know that they are appreciated, because they really are. Be genuine. Use Facebook and Twitter. Create an artist page on Facebook. I repeat, create an artist page on Facebook.

3. Online Radio

There’s plenty opportunities out there to submit to internet radio stations/shows. To give a fair warning, some may require you to pay for plays. There’s also a lot of smaller radio shows that will give you plays for free. Those are the ones to go after when funds are low.

4. Collaborate

A sure fire way to get new fans is to collaborate with other artists or producers. When you do that, you usually open up tons of new people to listen to your music. Think about it this way. If you collaborated with 2 other artists that have 100, UNIQUE, fans each, then you open your music up to at least 200 more listeners and potential fans. If you really impress them, they will tell their friends and the multiplication will begin.

5. Live Shows

Probably one of the best ways to promote your craft is to do live shows. A live show will connect fans to you emotionally, unless you’re boring. There’s been plenty of bands and artists that I only listened to because I saw them live and connected with them. The same will happen for you. While at those shows engage with the audience, give them social media info, and keep them interested.

There you have it. I hope these 5 tips will help you on your journey to become the great artists that you are. Creativity has no bounds, get new ears to your music. 

Keep Your Fans and Gain Some More With These 5 Tips

How many fans do you have? 100, 300, 1000? What are you doing to keep these fans as fans? Are you doing anything to gain more fans?

Use these 5 tips to help you 1) keep your existing fans and 2) maybe get some new ones. 

1. Email, Email, Email List

I just visited your Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, and finally your website, but you would never know. I may have bought your album off of iTunes, but chances are that you will never have an opportunity to thank me. 

You need to make sure you have a way of giving me an option to sign up for your email list. Give me a free song or some sort of special insight. An email list will help you stay in touch with existing fans, which leads me to #2. 

2. Connect with your fans 

One of the coolest things that happened to me was when one of my favorite artists told me congratulations on my marriage. Not all artists can do that, but he happened to see my life event on Facebook and messaged me. 

Imagine what your fans would think of you could do similar. A couple emails every month or two, special updates, or even a Q&A session on Facebook/Twitter. Anything to connect with your fans will help you keep them and gain more. 

3. What Are You Doing At Shows?

I performed at smaller venues where the crowd was 300 strong. There was something memorable that happened one night for me. While finishing up my set, the crowd started chanting the hook to my song. It was very organic and pure. I believe the only reason that happened was because I took the time, before my time slot, to meet a lot of the people in the crowd. 

Too often I see artists sitting in the back, just waiting for their “turn” to perform. Here’s a hint, most people don’t listen to people they don’t know. I have seen very talented artists perform to barely a handclap at the end. Why? Because people tuned them out. They didn’t say hello to anyone before or AFTER.  I wouldn’t want to be that guys fan either. Keep your fans and gain new ones by interacting with them at your live event. You might even sell a few tshirts. 

4. Build A Unique Platform 

One day, after your fame has come and gone, you may appear on Vh1’s Behind The Music, until then you will need to build your own platform. BET, MTV, and other major music platforms will be awesome to be on, but if you aren’t there then you have to be somewhere. 

There’s so many places for you to build on. SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Facebook, Facebook Live, Twitter, Periscope, and SO many others. Build an audience at these places and the majors will be begging for you to stop by. Be unique. 

5. Make Good, New Music

An artist can get stale if they never come out with anyone’s music. You don’t have to have an album, but it isn’t hard to produce a new single every once in a while. As a fan, I may forget about you if I’m still listening to your song from 2 years ago. That would have been played out of existence. Give the fans something fresh. Even a remix of a favorite song can be a winner. 

That’s all I have for you today, share this. Comment on here, Facebook, or twitter. Lemme know 

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