Marty the Greatest | New Era album review

Marty the Greatest just released a new album to cdbaby.  Let me tell you, it is worth listening to all 15 tracks. I had he opportunity to listen to it early and I am excited to give his review.
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P.L.A.P. – Do You Hear Me song review

Artist: P.L.A.P

Song: Do You Hear Me – YouTube


P.L.A.P has been on my radar for almost a year. I first met him, via Facebook, when I made a graphic for one of his singles. Ever since then, I’ve been keeping up with his new work and I can tell he has grown as an artist. I recently read a post that he got a shoutout from Lecrae. HOW COOL IS THAT!?

His song, Do You Hear Me, is one I can keep playing. After listening to it a few times, I developed some opinions.

Creatively, this song is great. The idea and inspiration behind the song delivers. When listening, you can hear the emotion coming from his voice. You can tell he didn’t just write a song, but life experiences.

The verses in the song seemed to flow SO well. The style he used reminds me of Eminem. #TopFive. He isn’t just being a copy of Slim Shady, but delivers it in his own way that fits perfect with the song.

The hook, for me, left something to be desired. I feel his emotion in it, but could’ve been adjusted in areas to fit better with the rest of the song. Although it isn’t a terrible hook, I do believe it could be better.

Lyrically, P.L.A.P has great content and word play. The lyrics in the hook will hit home with a lot of people. He does a great job using the correct words at the right time.

If you listen to this song, I can almost guarantee that you will listen to it again.

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P.L.A.P’s inspiration for this song:

“Do You Hear Me is the name of the song. I wrote this song, for those who get/got bullied, feel like an outkast, wants to fit in. I was everything that I just listed. A sleeping pill addict etc” – P.L.A.P

Sam Pierce – Be Still album review

Artist: Sam Pierce

Album: Be Still – Spotify 

Sam Pierce comes to us with his newest album, Be Still. You may have heard Giantkiller on different streaming sites or mentioned on the Trackstarz podcast. Here it is. The album review.
Be Still (intro) – This intro is nice to set a tone to his album. To put it simply, it let’s us know the direction the album is taking.

Return of the Whirlwind ft. Airreia Pierce– Very heartfelt song. You can hear the emotion of the song. Almost brings you into the mind of Sam Pierce. The only complaint of the song is part of the hook is a little unclear due to an effect, but more than makes up for it in the rest of the chorus.

Chill ft. Alyssa Wade & Doctrinn– The beginning of this song already gets my head bobbing. The hook in the song is catchy and has a good sound coming from Alyssa Wade. Very natural and smooth flow from Sam Pierce and Doctrinn. Doctrinn brings a nice switch to the flow of the song. Love the way the songs ends.

Homeward Bound– There is a great message throughout the song, especially at the beginning. The flow has a nice old school feel to it. Good listen for the old heads and new school. Part of me wishes the beat was a little different. Higher pitches almost drown out the rest of the song. “I’m goin home, no demon can stop me…” love it.

Storm Fight– Even though the song says he “doesn’t write songs to make your head bop”, this is another song that I find myself bobbing my head to right off the bat. As usual, Sam Pierce has a nice, smooth, on time flow.

Two Agree– Makes me feel like I’m learning something in the best way possible. The beat flows directly with his lyrics and delivery. Good song with sound, biblical teaching.

Giantkiller– the first second of this song sets the tone. There is a reason why this is the album’s best single. The hook does what it needs to. It keeps me hooked and my ears open. I like the word play and flow in this song. In my opinion, this is the best song on an already good album! Sam Pierce pulls no punches while claiming a mighty God.

Relentless– Sam Pierce changes up his delivery for this song, while telling men how it is. The hook continues to tell the story of the song.

Embrace Your Future ft. Sheleta Mason– This is a good song, but it isn’t my favorite. The teaching and message within the song are great! The hook has a good message in it, but sounds a little generic. This song deserves a listen, but for me, I won’t have it on replay like I would Giantkiller or Relentless. This does not reflect on the talents of either artist.

Faith Babies ft. Taronza Graves– This is a great song. Sam Pierce gets very personal in this one. While talking about his kids, it makes me think of my own kids. I like the word play that flow out of his daughter’s name. This song is definitely one to make me, and probably others, reflect on how they are raising their kids.

Renewed (remix) ft. Kayo Bracey, The One Keon, Jay Degree– This is a nice remix to his original song from his prior album. I like how each artist sounds different from each other, because it brings a nice contrast to the song.

Focus– Great song to end the album. This song might as well be named, “in conclusion”, because it sums up and reiterates the albums message perfectly.

Final Thoughts: This album definitely told a story. I like how all the songs had a spoken intro. That isn’t very common to have in an album, but it fits perfectly in the story being told. The message in every single song is clear and concise.
This is an album that is worth buying. I added the album’s Spotify link at the top and bottom. Even after listening for this review, Be Still will still get some more spins on my stereo.

Sam Pierce’s inspiration for this album

“The past year I have been through a lot. From having seizures to infertility to financial hardship etc. But in all of that the Holy Spirit leads me to Be Still and trust in him and not my external environment”

Spotify: Sam Pierce-Be Still

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