D. Crockett | Mission feat D. Lott

Artist: D. Crockett

Song: Mission (YouTube)

Looks like the J330 Crew is back at it with another song/video. Last time we saw them, we reviewed D. Lott’s song Ready To Die. This time it is D. Crockett’s turn with Mission. 

The song starts of with a nice instrumental. The beat itself matches up with the mood of the song and sets the tone. It’s another one of those “head nodding” beats. You just have to listen to it once it’s on.

D. Crockett starts things off and, per the usual,  he does a nice job. He gives a brief scene of what goes on in parts of Gary, IN. He gives examples like prostitution, drugs, and violence. He doesn’t leave us with bad news though, because he then goes to his “Mission”. He grabs his Crew and goes out. He mentions, also, that God is the one that change them. They know this isn’t done by themselves.

The hook. Man. I have to admit, I’m biased because I experienced this live at his album release concert. This is a hook that everyone gets into. It is easy to repeat and follow along with and comes around lyrically with a lot of meaning.

Second verse starts with D. Crockett again. Goes on about being on mission and in community, building it up like “bob the builder” (love that line). D. Lott takes over from there, about halfway through the verse.

D. Lott has to be one of my favorite rappers right now. There’s something to his flow that resonates with me. With that said, there is no change when it comes to this song.

Call the coroner, he killed another verse

When all is said and done, these two guys give all glory to God. They really do care about bringing people to Jesus. Their genuineness is going to take them where they need to be, along with their faith.

Before Jesus left, he gave us one job. He said to make disciples, baptize, and teach them to obey what was commanded. We all need to do this “cause we’re on a mission”.img_2313


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