Brief Thoughts on…2018

“This year will be my best year ever!!!! –said everyone on, ever, on January 1st

New Years resolutions are not the worst idea we can have. They can be a good thing, but most people don’t follow through. As artists, we need to do what we can to succeed. My opinion is that we need to make this year a YEAR OF CREATION. if we do this, we actually CAN Continue reading “Brief Thoughts on…2018”


Brief Thoughts | Social Media Posts

Everyone has, or should have, a social media account. If you are an artist and you don’t have one, GET ONE.

With that said, don’t use your account to post 500 posts a day. If you post something insightful at 10 AM, but drown it out with 20 other posts, then you just wasted your time.

If you want to post multiple things, do it on your personal account or make a schedule on your artist account.

You also need to diversify what types of posts you are posting. These three categories will work best

  1. Promotional
  2. Engaging
  3. Value to fans

Your daily posts can look like this:

  • 10 AM: promote your upcoming event/single/album
  • 2 PM: pose a funny/serious question for your fans to answer
  • 6 PM: give your fans insight on something exclusive, or tell them you appreciate them (be genuine)

Those are examples and should not be taken as a “written in stone” template.

These are my brief thoughts.

Brief Thoughts on…Music Temptation

It is very often that we, artists and musicians, come to a place that we feel we just HAVE to move forward. We become tempted to do things that may be out of character just to promote music. We may team up with other artists that don’t align with the ideals of the music we create, although it isn’t always a bad thing. We can’t fall under the temptation of compromising who we are just for the sake of money or views. ¬†Another temptation to fight is quantity over quality.

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John Lassiter said,

“quality is the best business plan.”

It is easy to find ourselves wanting to pop out song after song, but if we are making mediocre music our fans will eventually leave.

There you have it, my BRIEF THOUGHTS.

Brief Thoughts | On Social Media

Everyone has some form of social media. Let's just talk about Facebook for simplicity. First of all, if you do not have an artist account you need to make one ASAP. 

You can put pictures, videos, and just about anything on there. What you SHOULD NOT be doing is spamming people. I hate seeing music video links in every comment section, sometimes I see them multiple times! Just stop!

There hasn't been one time that I've ever clicked on a link from there. 

Use your artist page to

1) Promote you music.

2) Engage with fans.

3) Show love to your fans. 

One last thing, Facebook allows you to schedule posts. Use that feature to allow yourself to put out a couples posts a week. Just something simple. Brief Thoughts. 

Brief Thoughts | On Posting Music Videos

First of all, shout out to everyone that has taken time and money to make a nice music video. You've taken precious time out of an, I'm assuming, already busy day. You e probably saved up for months to get this hung created. 

Now that you have your video finished, post it on YouTube, right? That's correct, but not it. YouTube is a great place to start out, but there's so many other places to submit that video to  here's a short list:

That's just a short list to get you thinking. Good job making the video, now get those views. Brief Thoughts. 

Few videos:

D. Lott | Ready to Die

D. Crockett | Mission

Harmini | Come Home

Brief Thoughts | Tell A Story

This is the first installation of “Brief Thoughts“. These will be quick, just a few short paragraphs. 

Sometimes artists have issues getting fans and non fans interested in what they are doing. One thing you can do is tell a story. There’s a couple ways of doing that, but here’s a way that I haven’t seen yet. 

Use your social media. Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Use your social media to tell the beginning and/or middle parts of your story. Then you can drop a song that will finish the story. 

Another thing we can do is drop a few songs that tell one big story that leads to a new album. We have to think outside the box as artists. Brief Thoughts. 

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