Brief Thoughts on…2018

“This year will be my best year ever!!!! –said everyone on, ever, on January 1st

New Years resolutions are not the worst idea we can have. They can be a good thing, but most people don’t follow through. As artists, we need to do what we can to succeed. My opinion is that we need to make this year a YEAR OF CREATION. if we do this, we actually CAN Continue reading “Brief Thoughts on…2018”


Brief Thoughts | Social Media Posts

Everyone has, or should have, a social media account. If you are an artist and you don’t have one, GET ONE.

With that said, don’t use your account to post 500 posts a day. If you post something insightful at 10 AM, but drown it out with 20 other posts, then you just wasted your time.

If you want to post multiple things, do it on your personal account or make a schedule on your artist account.

You also need to diversify what types of posts you are posting. These three categories will work best

  1. Promotional
  2. Engaging
  3. Value to fans

Your daily posts can look like this:

  • 10 AM: promote your upcoming event/single/album
  • 2 PM: pose a funny/serious question for your fans to answer
  • 6 PM: give your fans insight on something exclusive, or tell them you appreciate them (be genuine)

Those are examples and should not be taken as a “written in stone” template.

These are my brief thoughts.

5 Tips | On Not Wasting Your Money

Most people that have money worked really hard to get it. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, or gig to gig. Why would you want to waste money on things that won’t truly further you as an artist? If there is a way to save, do it. If you have to spend, spend it. Hopefully… these 5 Tips will help.

1. Don’t pay for something you can do yourself

There are a lot of times that I see people paying for everything they need done. Sometimes you HAVE to, but other times you are being lazy. For example, I have seen people pay other people to hand out flyers. That’s fine in theory, but if you are paying them to do a simple task like that, you BETTER be doing something else. Most of the time, people just don’t want to do the walking. Just the talking. If you can do it, or learn to do it, then you need to do it. Save your hard earned money for better things.

2. Don’t pay for likes, views, or followers

A question I constantly ask myself is, “why do people pay for likes?”. When you pay for that stuff, they, 99% of the time, aren’t real people. That’s means those 1,000 new followers you have won’t; 1. buy music 2. share your page 3. engage with you on social media 4. wont go to any shows…the list goes on. Paying for “fans” is a waste of time and money. It looks bad having a following count of over 1,000 and only having 2-3 people engaging online.

3. Make a plan/route while you tour

I know some people that tour state to state. Some do a lot of small shows, while other do a couple big shows. I also witnessed them traveling east a few hours, back west, and then back north east area. That a lot of wasted drive time. Sometimes, you can’t avoid the dates and times of shows, but I do know artists that plan their routes according to their schedule. The more driving you save, the more time you save, and the more money you save.

I love it when a plan comes together

4. You have to negotiate

When you are asked to do a show, it does not hurt, or look bad, to try to negotiate a price point that makes everyone happy. Some artists and musicians get walked on by venues, because they don’t know how to ask for more money. Do your research. Everywhere is different. You may be missing out on extra money in your pockets.

5. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

This last tip could seem cheap. Could feel like a stretch to get a fifth tip, but it isn’t. If you go out and give 100% of yourself to your passion, nothing you do will be a waste. Be professional, be responsible, and be you. Do this and combine the other tips. Then, you will be a step closer to the success you are looking for

Heesun Lee | All Out feat. Ted Smith

Artist: Heesun Lee

Song: All Out

Heesun Lee goes hard

I’m not sure how I am JUST NOW finding out about her. I read a little bit of her bio and saw that she struggled with identity. Well, I think she found it in Christ and hip hop for sure!!

Her song, All Out, starts and you just know it is about to go hard. The beat, itself, is real nice. It’s a little different than you usually hear, but she isn’t your typical artist.

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Heesun is a dope artist. She has a very aggressive style that is portrayed front and center on this song. Her flow pattern is fast and aggressive.

The hook gets you moving as well. It tells you what she’s all about. It explains and sums up the song. It is everything it should be.

It is hard to review a song that speaks for itself. With that said, go have a listen.


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