Slim Vezzy | Not Today

Artist: Slim Vezzy

Song: Not today

This is another music submission through our website. Let's get right to it.

Right away, this song starts off pretty interesting. The best was probably the best one he could've picked for this song. It's one that does not drown out what he is trying to say and keeps everything exciting.

His hook is nice. Very simple, but catchy. It is very easy to chant with a crowd at a live event. The excitement brought out is something that will keep the fans involved through the song.

This song is littered with metaphors and a tight flow. The feeling is heard in his verses. He believes in what he is saying. I like, in the second verse, where he talks about who God is and what he's done for us.

I can listen to this song with "saved" friends and "unsaved" friends. I don't have to worry about anyone getting offended, just some nice beats, good lyrics, and a delivery that is smooth.

While this song has a lot of good parts in it, I can't find myself listening to it more than a few times. At least not in a short time frame. Saying that, I also want to say this, I will definitely add it to my list of good CHH songs and will go back to it from time to time.

Today is the day that the Lord has made. So, if the devil is trying to get at me I have one thing to say, "NOT TODAY!"


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