Child of G-D | Jam feat. Big Dawg

Artist: Child of G-D

Song: Jam

This was a Submission that I got through the website. He is out of Florida with the Children Music Group. I do not know much about them, but this is a good platform to get their music out there. With that being said, I review all music sent to me, good and bad.

The song starts off with the hook. Something I like about the hook is that it is, kind of, unique. Another thing is I like what is being said in the hook. Saying that, I also have to say it is kind of a weak chorus. It’s not one you want to really sing along with or “bounce” to. I think the delivery can use some tweaking and maybe some lyrics.

The first verse actually starts off pretty strong. Coming off of the hook, I wasn’t exactly expecting that. The delivery and lyrics are spot on and where they need to be. I was able to vibe to it more than the hook. I really like the wordplay used throughout the verse. The consistency of the “jam” theme stays throughout the song. I’m a fan of consistency.

The next verse is styled differently than the first. I like how the two artists are able to work off of each other. This verse is another one that stays consistent with the theme. Another good verse with nice lyrics and wordplay. Delivery, again, is spot on.

Overall, I enjoyed this song. The hook threw me off, but the verses more than made up for that! IMG_2575.PNG


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