5 Tips On Submitting Music To Radio Stations

Every artists dream is to get on the radio. Any radio. AM radio, Internet radio, and FM radio. The question is, how do you submit your music? That’s easy, go to their website. The hard part is the best way to submit your newest single. 

Here you go…5 Tips On Submitting Music To Radio Stations. 

1. Follow The Submission Guidelines!

Artists don’t like to fully read the rules. There’s been many people that miss out on opportunities only because they didn’t submit something correctly. That goes for music, jobs, and many other things. Most places don’t have a hundred guidelines, but you need to follow the few that they do have. 

2. Submit Music Worth Listening To

It is very easy to get caught up in your work and get a “big head” about how great you are. When I was 18, I recorded some music and thought it was the greatest thing I’ve listened to. Years later, it sounds like a train wreck! Ugh, why didn’t I have people tell me to NOT SHARE that junk Music to Facebook and radio stations. 

If you submit something or are just sharing your music in general, make sure it is your best work. 

3. Get In The Know

When it comes to almost everything you do in life it is WHO you know, not WHAT you know. You have some talent, maybe even a lot of talent, but that is all wasted if you aren’t trying to connect with people. Music people. If you’re at a show find the bookers, find the dj, and look to the other artists. Don’t avoid these people. They can help you or hurt you. Let them help you get on a radio show. 

4. Be A Real Person

To exaggerate a little bit, there’s nothing I dislike more than someone that talks to me like their a robot. I get messages all the time with the “copy/paste” message of, “hey bro, check out this song <insert link here>”. I can guarantee you that I’ve never listened to any of those songs. 

We do take submitted music, follow guidelines, and we also will listen to music that is emailed/messaged as well. I don’t mind the “check my song out message” if it is proceeded or  preceded by what seems to be a genuine human. I know radios, labels, and fans feel the same way!

5. Know Who the Radio Station Represents 

Not all radio stations are created the same. As we all know, some do hip hop, some do country, others might play a mix. You have to know who your submitting your music to. I wouldn’t submit my gospel rap to a station that only plays bluegrass. Some radio stations feel like there’s only two types of music, country and western. Do you think they’ll listen to your metal album? Know the current content of that station or show and you’ll be more likely to get on. 

As an artist, I know we want to be heard. I know the passion and trust it takes to put your creativity, thoughts, and feelings out there for people to hear. Following these guidelines, I hope you will have success submitting music to radio station and radio shows. These also work for blogs, like mine! Be who you are called to be and you will find success.  


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