ASAP Preach – All That I Know feat. Adam Yung song review

Artist: ASAP Preach

Song: All That I Know (YouTube)
I made a concert review a couple of posts ago and was really impressed with an artist that goes by Adam Yung. I decided to look him up and, to no surprise, I was still impressed. There was something that I didn’t expect though. I didn’t expect to discover a new, to me, artist. I planned on writing a piece about Adam Yung and ended up doing this on ASAP Preach.

ASAP Preach has quite a few videos out. I noticed numbers on one of them and it had well over 100k views! My only question is, HOW DID I NOT HEAR OF HIM!?

The hook of this song can get your granny movin’! This is a biblical and exciting hook. I, usually, like testing different hooks out on my coworkers. They were “movin and groovin” to it and they aren’t even into CHH.

First up is Adam Yung. Starts off with some nice singing. Then, he mixed some rapping in there. He has such a nice, smooth flow. He’s definitely not a copy of Drake, but does remind me of him. This whole verse sounds like a testimony to me. Almost makes me feel like I’m walking the walk with him. Adam Yung is a great talent that has been featured on quite a few songs and has his own album as well.

ASAP Preach comes next and, just like our last review with Danny Camacho, his voice is a nice contrast to Adam Yung’s singing/rapping. Throughout his verses, he uses some great wordplay and metaphors. ASAP keeps the song focused on Christ and following Him. That is great because these days a lot of artists seem to drift away from their original message. 

I’m diggin’ how they did the last verse with a mix of a few bars from ASAP and a few from Adam Yung. Worked out perfectly.

It’s easy to believe in something or someone that you can see and touch. God calls us to believe by faith. We get to see miracles and have visions, but our faith has to be in Him and not the things He  can do for us. “Walk by faith, not by sight. That there is all that I know!”


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