Danny Camacho – In The Cut feat. Oski & Retro Genesis song review

Artist: Danny Camacho 

Song: In The Cut feat. Oski & Retro Genesis (YouTube)

The other day, when I was “coolin in the cut”, I heard these guys doing this song and I HAD to look it up. (See what I did there?) I was able to meet Danny and witnessed firsthand how he is a humble person and genuine Christian.  

If you haven’t already downloaded it, here’s a link to his mixtape Drippin Juice

Here goes somethin…

This song has a nice, professional feel to it. Same goes for the video, minus the beginning when he laughed/coughed haha. In all seriousness, this is a great song and I really like the video. 

The hook is the type that you’ll be randomly singing to yourself, or out loud, wherever you are. I caught myself at work sayin “I be coolin I be coolin I be coolin in the cut”. My Coworker looked at me like, “what?”. Then, I was able to share the song with him. New fan? The hook describes the feel of the song so well. 

Danny Camacho is on the first verse. Kills it. Not a lot of actual punchlines in this verse, but the lyrical content drives this home. Danny Camacho has the talent to be one of the next big names in CHH. He just needs some exposure and an opportunity. 

Next up, we have Oski. He lays down a nice verse as well. His voice is a good contrast to Danny Camacho and mixes nicely with Retro Genesis as well. Simple, yet effective verse. I wouldn’t mind hearing solo work from Oski in the future. 

Last, but not least, Retro Genesis. His flow is so smooth in this song. He’s another artist that I’d want to hear more from. He effortlessly does his verse. As far as I can tell, this comes natural to him. 

The song actually feels like you are moving forward with the music.  I can see no wrong in this song. Danny Camacho and crew put together a good song with a good feel. I can bob my head to this over and over. 

It’s good to see true Christians walk the walk when they are out in the world. It’s easy to be a Sunday morning Christian with a Wednesday night bonus, but when you are living unashamed that makes all the difference in the world. 

Be blessed. 


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